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Non-invasive treatments

  • Verju / Zerona laser

     Verju/Zerona laser is a non-invasive medical device approved by the US FDA, with a medical certificate for body shaping whose beneficial effect has been proven in many researches. This laser achieves significant clinical results in just 2 weeks of application and has proved fat and centimeter reduction without damaging the cells.

    Zerona laser works painlessly by making pores on cell membrane. Fat goes out and spills through the opening of the membrane (pores) of the cell. Our body then secretes fat through the lymph system.

    Zerona laser eliminates exercise and diet-resistant fat, strengthens and tonifies relaxed skin and transforms your body in just 2 weeks!

    Following Zerona laser treatment plan, on average, patients lose up to 9.2cm in the abdomen, hip and thigh area.

  • Lunula - cold laser for treating foot and fingernail fungal infections

    The Medivia Center uses a cold laser (Lunula Laser) that is faster, more efficient and currently the safest treatment for treating foot and fingernail fungal infections. Lunula Laser is the most effective treatment for patients who have onychomycosis or any other kind of fungal nail disease.

    The basic feature of Lunula Laser is an innovative and multi-faceted approach that uses two therapeutic wavelengths (405 nm-red and 635 nm-purple) for the treatment of the infected nail. Lunula laser uses the energy of the photon to modulate secondary cellular reactions without affecting the healthy nail, the area under the nail, the finger or the foot.

    Beneficial effects of Lunula laser:

    • suppresses the infection
    • stimulates the immune system to fight infection
    • promotes better circulation in the foot which stimulates faster nail growth
    • faster growth of healthy nail reduces the risk of repeated infections

    Most patients are extremely satisfied with cold laser therapy due to the absence of pain, which is often present in thermal lasers treatmans.

    Fungal nail infection is a rather difficult rival. It spreads rapidly, and in a short period of time, infection can spread from one nail to other nails. Onychomycosis is the most common fungal infection that can affect toenails, as well as fingernails, and causes almost half of the nail abnormalities. However fungal infection is much more common on toenails. The basic characteristics of onychomycosis is change in nail color, discoloration and nail enlargement. If the infection is not treated nail becomes fragile, painful and often unpleasant, thus reducing the quality of life of an individual. The problem with this type of infection is also an exceptional rate of contagion and it can be passed on  from person to person very easily.

    How does Lunula laser work?

    Lunula laser uses low level laser (intensity) for painless nail fungus treatment. This laser is approved by the FDA for use in treatment of fungal nail infections. A 4-week treatment for just 12 minutes per foot can help you recover painless, carefree, and make you enjoy being barefoot . We emphasize the painless, non-thermal treatment without side effects, and without the need for local anesthesia. The results of clinical studies have shown that in 89% of patients in 6 month period 46% of healthy nail growth was achieved.

    The approach to treatment of fungal infections is individual for each patient. It takes about 4 laser treatments, but for  some patients, the number of treatments may be higher and require up to 8 treatments. A major role in effective treatment of fungal nail illness is the patient’s education on proper shoe wearing and foot hygiene that is necessary to prevent reinfection of the nail.


    The power of vacuum with a deep effect; it reduces fatty cells, firmens the tissue and stimulates the lymph.

    This prominent cosmetic device SPM VACU PRESS is versatile and effective, indispensable in anti-cellulite therapy.

    The Weyergans vacuum system is a high technology appliance that provides a number of positive effects; intensively stimulates lymphatic flow, increases fat burning, strengthens binder tissue by stimulating the activity of the enzyme.

    With small suction applicators you can tighten the skin of the upper arm, abdomen, legs and buttocks, and all usual places where there are fatty tissue deposits.

    Through suction applicators we literally vacuum the skin. The wrinkled fat cells are so stretched that they become permeable for entrance of oxygen. This enhances the burning of fat, and waste substances are excreted from the body through the lymph. You definitely need to try this multifunctional device, it really is a great feeling when suction applicators provide the effect of massage, slipping through the skin making it beautiful and healthy.

  • SLIDE STYLER - lymphatic drainage

    Rhythmic gentle massage with Slide Styler from Weyergans program is a true balm for the hands, belly, legs and buttocks.

    Slide Styler is an important part of differentiated cellulite therapy for many years and is intended for the treatment of mechanical lymph drainage. Because of the extraordinary effect on removing cellulite and solving the problems of wrinkled legs, it has proven its value by achieving excellent results.

    Rhythmic massage is a very pleasant method of activating the lymphatic system without physical effort.

    After treatment your legs are easier, the circulation is improved, and the skin on the hips and thighs is noticeably tightened.


    Space technology for diseases of lower extremities and blood vessels, cellulite and binder tissue. With negative pressure treatment, remove cellulite, tighten the binder tissue, improve skin toning, eliminate excessive toxins and achieve a beautiful and healthy look.

    Vacusport is a device intended for intermittent therapy using negative pressure on the lower part of the body.

    Pressure and negative pressure operate at alternating intervals, providing a range of positive effects for blood vessels, lymph system and tissue. In the negative pressure phase, all blood vessels and capillaries are spread. Plasma and oxygen overflow the lymph vessels and veins up to the maximum, and during the upcoming positive pressure phase, they narrow down rapidly and intensely. As a result, waste and CO2 are eliminated from the tissues.


    Lymph drainage by the Weyergans method, where heat builds up pores on the skin, and by sweating it enhances the release of harmful substances from the body, all while highly penetrating oils penetrate the skin and make it toned and elastic.

    Body wrapping is actually a relaxation treatment during which the whole body ids wrapped.

    The process accelerates the metabolism of subcutaneous tissue, stimulates the detoxification of the body, accelerates circulation and degradation of fatty deposits, and releases toxins from the body. It also has a positive effect on the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

    It provides relaxation for the muscles and reduction of cellulite and fat deposits. It is an essential component of weight loss, detoxification and tightening of the skin.

    Thermo blanket stimulates opening of the pores, microcirculation and sweating, and sweating promotes the elimination of toxins from the deeper layers of the tissue.


    Endermologie lipomassage

    A very effective method for eliminating cellulite, but also toning, firming and skin glow as well as improving circulation.

    With these massages we work on the subcutaneous fatty tissue and patients lose waist centimeters, and at the same time we stimulate lymph and circulation. These type of massages are combined with quality anti-cellulite creams.

    This massage promotes health and beauty, skin becomes young and more mature. They also improve the quality of binder tissue and muscle!

    Medical massage

    Medical massages bring a feeling of relaxation and comfort and also soothe the body.

    With medical massage we relax muscles, restore energy and reduce stress!

    With this massage, we improve circulation, not only in the surface of the body, but also in subcutaneous tissue and muscles. By massaging  hyperemia of these parts is induced. We supply the cells with fresh oxygen and nutrients.

    This type of massage combined with essential oils and relaxing music introduce give you a moment of relaxation and stress reduction!

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